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Grammarly Review 2023

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As a writer of content, I have a right to deliver the best possible content with my writing abilities. Due to deadlines, I sometimes overlook errors and don’t proofread.

It was not until one of my close friends introduced me to Grammarly that I realized how easy it could be. This software can edit and proofread the work you’re writing while you continue to write.

I was sure he was joking, but I still wanted to give it a try. I took the plunge, and I can honestly say that this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Grammarly has it all: the grammar-checker and the punctuation-detector. The plagiarism detector also in Grammarly was a great help in protecting my content.

I have decided to do a detailed review of my experience using Grammarly. This includes the features Grammarly provides, pricing plans, pros and cons, etc.

I also give my final verdict on Grammarly

A brief overview of Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing assistant essential for improving your writing style. It can also detect mistakes, change punctuation and, most importantly, check the grammar of the sentence. The AI-integrated program is essentially a Grammar Checker.

Even a professional writer can make mistakes when proofreading their articles. Grammarly can be very useful in spotting style nuances, higher-level grammar, and transforming it into an excellently drafted piece of writing. Unbelievable, right?

The established 2009 software company has become a huge hit over the years. It is available via Google Docs, as a text-editor and grammar-checker.

It can be used as an extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari. It is easy to use and customize as a mobile keypad.

Grammarly’s exclusive plagiarism checker can help you solve your problem quickly and make the content more readable. Grammarly’s best feature is that it’s free.

How To Use Grammarly (Ease of Use)

Grammarly was designed to simplify the writing process. It can be confusing to learn how to use new software. I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial on how to start using Grammarly.

STEP 1: Click on the link or go to the official Grammarly site.

STEP 2 After visiting the Grammarly site, you will be asked to create an account using either an email or Facebook account. I would suggest using Gmail.

STEP 3 You may be given two choices by Grammarly: either Grammarly free, or Grammarly premium. It is best to begin with the standard version.

STEP 4: Select the Grammarly options and you’re almost done.

STEP 5: You can select the method that is most convenient and useful for you. A Microsoft Plugin, for example, can be used to check an article using Grammarly within the Microsoft app. You can use Grammarly Web and Grammarly Desktop where you may have to copy the content in order to check it.

STEP 6 You can use Grammarly Mobile to replace the default keyboard settings across all mobile applications. You can use Grammarly Mobile to type tweets, captions, and text on Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

STEP 7: You have now successfully integrated Grammarly in your device. This means that you can begin writing without worrying about mistakes!

Features and Updates for Grammarly (Updated in 2023)

The many features Grammarly offers make it a great personal writing assistant . Grammarly is a software that integrates AI and has some great features.

1. Grammar Checker

Grammarly’s standout feature is its accurate grammar check. This is because we write differently when we write for content and when we communicate.

Grammarly is a tool that ensures the correct grammar structure and format, which results in a sensible piece of content.

2. Punctuation Detection

Grammarly’s punctuation detection is programmed to detect mistakes that editors might overlook.

Grammarly also suggests punctuation as you write. Grammarly eliminates all unwanted punctuation mistakes.

3. Vocabulary Improvement

If you’re editing or proofreading a blog or article, you may be focusing on only finding errors in order to make sure that the content you produce is accurate and clean.

Grammarly will suggest new vocabulary to make the draft more interesting and exciting.

4. Style of Writing

Grammarly can also help improve the writing style of a writer by giving tips to make a sentence better, tweaking specific sentences and removing unwanted words from a sentence. It will also ignore any words used repeatedly in the same blog.

This will ensure that the content is readable right to the end.

5. Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly’s AI includes a plagiarism checker that can detect and highlight duplicated or plagiarised material within seconds. Many plagiarisms are unintentional, and the writers may not be aware until they post them online.

Grammarly can help by highlighting the copied portion and allowing it to be replaced.

6. Customisation

Grammarly is a text editor that allows users to customize the experience.

Grammarly only supports English, but you can customize it to your preferred language. For example, you could choose American English, British Australian English, or Canadian. If you’re writing informal content that uses unfamiliar terms, you can turn Grammarly off on some websites.

Grammarly allows you to add words that may not be considered “real” by the Grammarly AI. This means you are free to create creative content.

7. Grammarly Plug in

Grammarly comes in three versions: Grammarly Web (also available on the web), Grammarly Desktop (also available on desktop), and Grammarly Keyboard. However, their plug-in is best used via a browser add-on.

If you use Google Chrome, the integration is done directly into Google Docs. You can now edit an article while it is being corrected in real time.

Five Reasons I recommend Grammarly:

Grammarly is my best friend as it has helped me improve my writing and provided practical tips. It was also there for me when I needed help in improving my content, just like a friend.

Grammarly is a great tool for improving writing. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their writing. They were:

1. All in one software

Grammarly has a lot of features and is easy to use.

What platform offers free editing, suggestions, proofreading, plagiarism checking, and more?

Grammarly is a great tool. This is especially useful for those who are just starting out and want to write a blog post or article without making any mistakes or unintentional punctuation.

2. Accessible in different ways

Grammarly is my favorite because it allows me to use it from any device I want.

You might not carry around your desktop all the time, so it is advantageous to access Grammarly from different devices using the same account.

You can use Grammarly to edit content on your desktop and then, when you’re out, want to instantly proofread it, you still have access.

3. Changes to the preferred language

English is an international language but it is not always spoken or written in the same way around the world.

Grammarly’s users can change their preferred English language in such cases to match the English that the content is aimed at.

This was very helpful when I wrote for clients in Canada and the UK where the preferred English was different from American English.

4. Overall Grammar Report

Grammarly not only improves the readability of written content, but also provides a detailed report that shows a statistical representation.

The report generated by Grammarly can be used to determine the quality of a piece of content. The grammar report helped me improve my writing because it focused on what I needed to do.

5. Easy Interface

Grammarly’s minimalistic design is more convenient than using bright colours or confusing blocks.

Grammarly’s new users can quickly navigate to the most important features. Grammarly also delivers corrections and suggestions quickly.

The interface adapts to your device. Grammarly Web, for example, is different than a Grammarly Chrome Extension but offers the same benefits.

Are you a Grammarly user?

Grammarly is a great tool that offers many benefits. It may be limited to those who deal with the English language every day.

Grammarly is likely to be suitable for:

  • Anybody who is not an English native speaker but needs to use the language for a particular purpose.
  • Proofreaders are required by copywriters, bloggers and content producers.
  • Students, journalists, and authors who have overlooked mistakes in their work.
  • Content marketing/editing teams are not available to small business owners.

Grammarly is a great writing assistant. It’s easy to use via Grammarly Keyboard which detects mistakes in real-time.

Grammarly has proofread the review you are currently reading, no matter if it is a professional email or formal complaint that requires exceptional English proficiency.

Grammarly Premium vs Free: What’s the Difference?

Grammarly has a free version that allows you to access the basic features, including grammar check, spell-checker, and some basic suggestions for rephrasing. The premium version gives you access to all of Grammarly’s advanced features. Here’s a table that explains what you get from the premium and free versions.

FeaturesGrammarly freeGrammarly Premium
PricingEnjoy Free Shipping$30/mo
Chrome ExtensionYes,Yes,
Grammar CheckerYes,Yes,
Paraphrasing SuggestionsNo,Yes,
Spell CheckerYes,Yes,
Plagiarism CheckerNo,Yes,
Goal SettingNo,Yes,
Style SettingNo,Yes,
Formal SuggestionsNo,Yes,

Can non English writers use Grammarly?

Grammarly’s AI has not been updated to detect errors or correct grammar in languages other than English. Grammarly currently only allows users to change their preferred English language, which can vary from country-to-country.

You can choose English from Australia or America. Grammarly does not have a translation tool, so non-English writers cannot use it.

What can I do to improve Grammarly?

Grammarly is a great software, but there are some specific requests that can make it even better. This will give a more fluid experience, without any lag. They are:

1. Restricted only to English

There are many regional languages spoken in different countries.

If Grammarly could consider and include a minimum of other languages, and not just English, then it would be inclusive, and available to a wider audience.

2. The price of plagiarism

Grammarly has a few significant drawbacks. Most of its tools can be accessed for free, except for a powerful tool which helps to ignore duplicated content.

Grammarly Premium is required to use the plagiarism checker.

Even a 7-day free trial can be considered to allow users to experience the product and see how beneficial and effective it is.

Can Grammarly Replace a Human Professional Editor?

Machines cannot replace humans, no matter how advanced the technology. A human can’t catch a ball as well as an AI machine.

In the case of Grammarly, too, the AI is structured and programmed in such a way as to scan and spot mistakes on a specific scale. It is still not the same as human proofreading, because a human editor looks for errors beyond a set algorithm.

Plus, grammar is a flexible abstractive element which follows a set of rules and formats that can be adapted to fit the sentence.

Grammarly may not detect an error if, for example, you write black hair after mentioning that a man has brown hair.

Grammarly uses a standard format which is able to blend in with English. A human editor can also find mistakes that Grammarly cannot.

Grammarly Devises

Grammarly can be used on a variety of devices and extensions. This makes it more reliable and available. You can use Grammarly with the following devices:

  1. Grammarly keyboard (Android & IOS).

Grammarly is available on Android and iOS devices. The content will be detected in real time and corrected.

  1. Grammarly web (any device)

Grammarly Web is a simple grammar checker that allows you to paste your unedited text into the Grammarly Web editor to have it checked.

  1. Grammarly plug-in (Microsoft).

Grammarly is a Microsoft Plug in that allows users to use Grammarly in Microsoft programs like MS Word or MS Office.

  1. Grammarly extensions (Chrome, Edge Safari, Firefox)

The Grammarly browser extensions work in a similar way to the Grammarly Plug ins. The Grammarly browser extension can be accessed once it has been attached to the search engine of your choice.

Grammarly: Pros & Cons

Each product has its own set of benefits, and then some unavoidable drawbacks. Grammarly is also a software that I found to be questionable.

Grammarly Professionals

  • Easy to use
  • Accessible for free
  • Real-time grammar checking
  • Exclusive Grammarly Keyboard
  • Available plagiarism checker
  • Customization is an option

Grammarly Con

  • Quite expensive
  • Premium version is not available for free trial
  • Only Premium users can use plagiarism checker

Grammarly Price Plan 2023 – Is Grammarly Free?

Grammarly is a safe and trusted program that you can use for free. However, it does not offer all the features like plagiarism checks and text suggestions.

1. GrammarlyFree

Grammarly is advertised as being free. This is true to a certain extent. Grammarly does have some free features that are not hidden costs. For example, you can use basic editing tools and correct spellings.

2. Grammarly Premium Individual Plan

If you want to improve your writing style, Grammarly Premium will be the best investment. Grammarly Premium allows users to also get genre-specific recommendations, check for plagiarism and improve vocabulary.

Subscribe to Grammarly Premium in one of three subscription modules:

  1. Subscribe to our monthly subscription for $30 per month
  2. Subscribe for three months at $60 (single payment, but charged as a single).
  3. Subscribe annually for $144 (single payment, but it is billed as a single payment)

Grammarly automatically converts your local currency if you choose to pay in USD.

Note: For conversion, the current exchange rate at the time of payment is taken into consideration.

3. Grammarly Business Team Plan

You may want to buy Grammarly for the team in some cases if you’re a publishing company or digital marketing agency where proofreading is a major part of your business. Grammarly offers a team plan that is designed for teams of 3 or more people. It’s priced as subscription modules.

  1. Monthly subscription – $25 per member/month
  2. Monthly subscription: $12.50 for 3 to 9 members
  3. Monthly subscription: $12.08 for 10 to 49 members
  4. Monthly subscription: $11.67 for 50 to 149 members

Grammarly Business can help to streamline the content delivery workflow. You may need to hire several editors and proofreaders for each piece of content, as businesses often require large amounts of content. This is a lengthy process.

Grammarly Business will detect errors and correct punctuation in real time.

Three best alternatives to Grammarly

If you’re not satisfied with the features of Grammarly, here are a few alternatives. These are:

1. Google Docs

Google Docs comes with a built-in grammar checker that automatically detects any errors and provides suggestions. Google Docs are also free.

2. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid has a powerful grammar checker that is cheaper than Grammarly Premium. It can also check 500 words simultaneously, which is amazing. ProWritingAid and Grammarly were also closely compared in our ProWritingAid comparison.

3. MS Word

Microsoft doesn’t have a grammar-checking program, but it does come with a feature that is almost as good as Grammarly. MS Word is an excellent choice.

Final verdict: Is Grammarly still worth it?

After using Grammarly to its fullest, I believe I have the final verdict: Grammarly is well worth the money.

Listen to me. Grammarly does all the work for you, reducing your workload. You don’t need a proofreader and a professional editor. Grammarly, for example, shows results that are more accurate than a proofreader.

Grammarly Premium was very helpful to me personally, as it included a plagiarism-checker. This helped a lot with the articles I had to write and publish online.

Grammarly has also improved my writing style. My formal article was also flagged whenever it had an unsuitable tone. Grammarly is great!

Grammarly is the most effective tool for writers and students. Grammarly Premium, to be more precise, is well worth the money for all the benefits that it provides.

Buy Grammarly and improve your writing in no time.

FAQs on Grammarly Review

Is Grammarly free to use?

Grammarly is free. It comes with a version that lets you check your text for basic grammar and spelling mistakes. You will need to upgrade your Grammarly Premium account if you want to use more features.

Does Grammarly refund customers?

Grammarly will not refund any purchases under any circumstance. You should make sure you are 100% certain before purchasing the premium version, because there is no way to return it.

Is there a Grammarly discount?

You can get a special discount of 20% on Grammarly’s plans. If you buy the annual plan you will also receive an additional 60% discount.

Does Grammarly provide value for money?

It’s worth every penny. Grammarly allows you to create articles that are error-free, and this is in line with your goals. Grammarly’s premium version offers a wide range of customization features.

What browsers is Grammarly compatible with?

Grammarly is compatible with Firefox, Safari Chrome and Edge. Also, it comes with an iOS and Android app. You can also use Grammarly in Microsoft Word.

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